Walk Around the Joyce

so much to see…




Lucky for me a man was entering the building while I was puzzling over what this could be?






simple.. the step is broken… ha!





How could you not be happy, at least for a moment, when this is the school door…






the school yard






I do love a good truck







This has to be one of the most clever things….







Someone is always filming something somewhere. tonight at dinner I watched the 6 trucks, 4 trailers, 28 people sitting around.  Then on the walk around I found out there is a food tent!!!  with a huge can of m&m’s… now I want to be in the movies.img_0173.jpg



and we wonder why the traffic moves so slowly>  could it be that they are used for storage as opposed to driving.







sadly tom cat makes great bread.. but we are forever coming across evidence that the workers seem not to be happy.. social justice or bread.. perhaps Paleo?

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