Forager’s Table

And my new favorite Chocolate Bar.

Tonight we had tickets to see Parson’s Dance Co. at the Joyce.  We had 5:45 dinner reservations at Forager’s table just a few blocks away.  It was a busy and happy evening.

To begin with you canister the restaurant through a small shop that seems to offer someones favorite things.  Part high end choocolate bars and chips, part healthy vegan.  Sneak off to the rear and there is prepared food to go, some cleaning supplies , fresh milk, a cheese case and drinks.  You need never go anywhere else.

I loved dinner even though the food wasn’t really great.  We sat a window table where I watched a film crew preparing or shooting a scene at a church.  We watched dogs and owners strolling by and just the street on view. We took the first table in the restaurant and by the time we left people were waiting in line to get in.

We shared a duck appetizer which was nice, they brought a nice but not exciting bread to the table with a tasteless oil and we had to ask for salt.  As our shared main course we ordered s special.  Lamb chop and t-bone, rare.  It came with some lovely potatoes and a very good grilled asparagus but rare was raw and when we sent it back in returned pretty much well done.  The most tempting dessert was the chocolate almond cake… we passed and i selected a candy bar form the shop.. I loved my candy bar which we opened at intermission leaving up with the problem of having an hour before the show and no dessert.


This is where the night got interesting.  We walked around the corner to the beautiful Billy’s Bake shop.  Specializing in cupcakes but also displaying a cake or seven and some cakes in cups and some cookies, and even some cookies stuffed with frosting.  We went for  a really rich brownie with chips and a yellow cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  I should have had the yellow cake with chocolate frosting because I learned I am not a fan of the cupcake.

But what a walk….


then off to the Joyce

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