Coppenhagen Bakery for Brownies

and Brasserie Cassis in Plainview for a Croque Madame Lunch.

Google pointed me to Edible Long Island and the page for a walnut filled chocolate brownie.  The description sold me so off we go to Copenhagen Bakery to find out for ourselves.

after an hour and a half on the rainiest dreariest day we arrived at my uncles, dropped my dad for a visit and drive another half hour for a mediocre Ceasar salad and croque. Our gps and google system failed us. I sent the drive plan but we never checked it and did an extra half hour drive before realizing that we were 29 minutes from the bake shop and it closed in 34. Ever the optimist, and in desperate need of sugar we drive on. The area became more and more familiar as we drove through Syosset and Huntington and then almost to the pot pie store. But no, veering right and turning left brought us to a little town and a little shop across from a park and a marina

After a bite of a cold walnutty brownie I was convinced we were into something good. Four brownies and a pound of assorted cookies later we drive back to Babylon – pull into the train station parking lot and close our eyes for a half hour of rest before heading to family dinner

So here I sit. Feet on the dash looking out at the lake watching the geese and the swans and the occasional walker.

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