Grolier Club

What is this you might ask…

I’m about to find out… I’m with my dad and after an hour looking for the wrong name we finally narrowed down the google search to groups interested in collecting books and book binding. Off we go!

Ahhhh. It’s not for everyone, probably not for most. With an average of 10-20 visitors on a good day it’s just nice to know it exists. In an old house on east 60th just west of Park Ave sit two exhibit rooms open to the public and three private floors of library/ research rooms. One floor filled with books on binding and book making the other two , or so I am told, contain auction catalogs that can be used to help secure a books provenance

We met Kathy who was covering the front desk. And learned a bit about the membership. They travel together, enjoy cocktails, lectures and the company of other collectors.

There is a place for everyone I supppose.

The current exhibits focus is westward expansion. Who, what, how the West was settled. I’m sad to say I took no interest in it.



But I did enjoy a little cabinet in the corner displaying tiny books.



Filled with Pretty little craft books.img_0207.jpg

Perhaps because my mom was a collector of books on westward expansion or possibly because I’m not with someone I enjoy talking to, I just couldn’t get into it. So instead I sat in a overly chair, talked to the few people who live,work or were visiting.

and then I look up. I see a sign in a case ” British Armorial Bindings”. What’s this? Then there was survey of the Grolier collection in 2015 and if the 50 Armorials identified, 7 were new!!

My interest is piqued .



Armorial.  The stamp of all the coats of arms, crests, and other heraldic devices that have been stamped by British owners on the outer covers of their books, together with the bibliographical sources of the stamps.   hmmmmm.. who would have thunk!!



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