Dad had in mind to go to the Whitney to see the iconic Grant Wood painting American Gothic.   I was amazed by the breadth of all Wood had done.  And i very much enjoyed wandering the exhibit but quickly lost interest, being drawn to a line of suitcases I spotted on the way in.



things like this always amuse me.. is it art?  who decides?  and if art speaks for itself with out any explanation…. what is the artist saying.



and who is this Zoe Leonard.   I can only tell you she got quite the write up in the New Yorker.  from the article, about the suitcases…”Installed nearby is “1961” (titled for the year Leonard was born), a row of fifty-six battered blue suitcases. The Guggenheim owns it, with the provision that new luggage be added every year she’s alive—a portrait of the artist as a memento mori.”  wow.. another new idea, something i never would have thought of or thought to do.. I’m liking this Zoe Leonard, and Im glad because i did enjoy walking through the vast spaces pausing to wonder at what she has done.



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