Versailles and Costumes at The Met and We Came in Peace.

I find it interesting that until now I didn’t see the exhibits at the Met in a yearly or annual  was.  The Met Gala and the costume exhibit, the Roof top… both of which I saw today.

We went for the Costumes but it was so terribly crowded that we headed up tp the 4th floor for lunch then out to the roof garden.  I’m not going to try to say I understood or appreciated huma-bhabha‘s two enormous figures.

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As with so much in art after a bit of background what I see has much more meaning.  Im so tired of artists, who created the work and “know” what they are thinking, telling the rest of its their art should speak for itself.. so often that is confusing.  With this piece I did get the bowing down before the leader part…

From The New Yorker about the two pieces on the roof..”The characters on the rooftop are bronze, cast from molds of sculptures the artist made in her studio using low-grade materials. Bhabha carved the twelve-foot-tall alien-monster-god from Styrofoam and cork; the cast is finished with a pan-gender patina of pink, blue, and scorched earth, and a demonic face where it ought to have genitals. Graffiti-like marks of red, green, and yellow flicker at its heels, the colors of a Rastafarian flag: one love; maybe they do come in peace after all. The eighteen-foot-long supplicant was fashioned from unfired clay, with two outstretched hands extending from a shroud of black plastic, at once a burqa, a body bag, and a collected bundle of trash. In lieu of feet, the piece has a tail, an assemblage of lumpen clay, perhaps an allusion to the demonization of the destitute and the displaced.”


After lunch of a burger and chocolate Lava Cake it was off to the Visitors To Versailles exhibit.  There were so many beautiful objects on display and miniatures of the palace and luxuries of the times.  Since I had no idea that I aws going I had no preconceived notions and was able to put on the headset and go.  The upgraded headset with what i think they called 3-D virtual reality didn’t talk to the individual pieces but rather to a description of the times at Versailles and was enlightening.

I didn’t take many pictures which i now regret but the two I did take

speak to what I find so fascinating.  These survived, first of all.. and then the effort to create perfection or beauty.  All the items on display were underscored by the luxury and detail and pomp of a time and place.

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