Yeah? No. Really. Why.

I was so not at all interested in a single thing.. this was art designed to be shown for no reason other than to make those of us looking feel inadequate because we dont find it interesting.

sun bather
But on the way home we saw this, perched in the middle of the road…interesting?  yes


UPDATE:  here we are and a few days have past and I am reading a post about outdoor sculptures this summer. Looking for a place t ahead to today.  and it turns out that a new installation is going in at MoMA and we saw the start of the construction.


the beams resting across the rooftops are part of “hide & seek”  a project by the winners of MoMA’s young architects contest.  Who Knew such thing existed.  Well, now yo and I do and we can read more about this years winners.

Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers: “Hide & Seek”

this is the concept drawing…

MoMA hide and seek

are these the beams I saw across the top?

will this be permanent? no, from June until September. I found that out here.


so much to follow up on?

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