Mel Chin- All Over The Place- UPDATE

We went back to the Queens Museum yesterday to check out the fully installed exhibit.  Interesting how after bit of reading and a few visits things become clear.  Interesting how when I last was there and discussed the exhibit with Mr. Chin’s assistant no one mentioned that it was many different works, rather than one all encompassing whole.



This was all we saw being installed.  But there was so much more and it really was interesting and a bit thought provoking when I spent the time to read the explanations and get a bit into the theme of things.

Social Justice….






something other than social commentary?  what?  I’m not certain.. just to see things differently? perhaps….





In one room the walls were filled with cut encyclopedia and arranged by volume.. I didn’t get it….








and the stand in the middle contained shredded paper and books



and there was a whole lot more…  we are interested enough to make a trip to the subway station at Broadway and Lafayette to see what thats all about and will absolutely hit Times Square when that piece opens.

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