A Drive to the Cloisters


Is it Washington Heights or Inwood?

May 28 2018 the plan


and this is the plan for the day.


the only hesitation is lunch.



and will i pass out from exhaustion before we are done?  off we go….


We did it all tho the cloisters and the Fort Tryon Park, which are in the same place, were too crowded so we moved on.

The big hit of the day was finding 204th street…





we found the Mosholu Playgrouand




and the murals by Lady K Fever who was listed in the summer outdoor art list I have been working my way through.  Seems Lady K is pretty famous.




In addition to the new work we also saw some older work of hers





which was part of a community arts project.







The heart is by Lady K Fever, the work down the side walls by other artists




we walked around the block and there we saw people turning in glass and plastic into recycling machines.





I have always wondered what all those people o the streets did with the bags of glass and plastic they collected.  Now I know.






this is a photo from google earth of the machine all those people were lined up at.


how amazing that this can be done.












The neighborhood is still up and coming.  The people lovely and friendly for the most part but the still haven’t started cleaning up after their dogs…

I loved the carriage….




beside the Mosholu park is PS 8 .. and along a wall I found this



Then off to lunch at Malecon  4141 Broadway – near 175th Street.  Brad liked the Mofungo.







I liked the pollo de Ajillo and the chocolate cake




A neighborhood I never knew existed.  What fun.. the streets filled with music and people and smells and sounds…


you could buy toilet paper at the open air market.




and from the restaurant window you could see this amazing building











The United Palace?  what is it….


is it really like this inside?  well, according to google its a community arts center and more with programming throughout the year.. so you know eventually we will get inside and find out.

Maybe on June 19th.. when “the people storm the palace“… according to the calendar lots goes on.. there are even tours.

and the day isnt nearly over.

Columbia College and lots to see




Our visit started because I was curious about the gardens and blooms.  According to the website there are even tours.  We didn’t see much in the way of plant life to be thrilled with.  on the map though was #4 “Delacorte Fourtain”, I read fountain and off I went.  Yes, on the columbia website, on the map they distribute, it says fourtain.

And this was it.. tucked into a corner, defaced by chalk.. but so much else to see there.



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And then onto the West side Milano Market.. and home.. with aching feet and much exhaustion.







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