Sing For Hope Pianos

pianos sing for hope

As if there isnt enough to do now I am off to locate fifty pianos and one mini cooper over the next 20 or so days.

Sing For Hope places Pianos around the city for people to enjoy then donates them to schools.  There must be more to it.  So over the next few days I will explore their website, visit a few pianos , and try to figure it out.

These are the Manhattan Locations… photos to follow as I find them

28 liberty — 4 pianos fosun plaza

Battery park 21 south end ave

Duane Park 157 duane street

tribeca park 8 beach street

Tomkins square park 9th street and ave A

Little red square 272 6th Ave

Madison Square Park
26th and Madison Ave

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 342 E 47TH STREET

Times square 44th and Broadway

Penn Plaza 1 penn Plaza

Central Park Dairy 65th street transverse

Lincoln Center – Columbus and 62nd

Carla Schuls Park
E 86th Street and east end


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