Today I tried out a new app.  MapMy Walk.  It isn’t everything I had hoped it would be (mostly because i cant figure out how to retrieve my walks), but it did provide me with …..

map my walk june 12

A map of my walk, at least the part where I remembered to turn it on- a little squiggly I know, I was getting hungry and my feet were aching, and I was delirious from all the wonderful sights and experiences of the day.

I started my day with a walk to the Apple store at Grand Central Station, On the way I encountered a summer Tuesday Lunch hour where a band was playing, and will be every tuesday of the summer.  How lucky New Yorkers are to have these gifts bestowed on them.




So on to the Apple Store. But first, an unexpected sight.



Apple took over the upper level above the Grand Concourse and made it work while still maintaining the grandeur and splendor of the place.




Then onto the 6 train to Spring Street in hopes of making it to see two pianos and a gallery at 130 Orchard Street.  I never got to really do either.  The Gallery was closed and I was too distracted and awed to hurry from my walk.  But i did get a peek into the gallery.


and got more than a glimpse of these bright flowers by (apparently) famous (judging by the amount of shows he has) Takashi MURAKAMI and his “Heads↔Heads”  at the Perrotin Gallery.   You would think with that cancelled I would get to the Pianos but I didn’t … I had spent way too much time on my walk over wandering through a community garden




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It was just  wonderful day to keep my eyes open, to keep looking up, around, across and I was all about the photo.

I saw buildings that interested me and skylines I thought spectacular.


I saw murals


and shops, one of which sold kitchen equipment and tablewares.  A little bit of heaven in the middle of my day…


Im guessing Hammacher Schlemmer had something to do with this building… SO google i did and found this wonderful article on the neighborhood from June of 2000.

There was so much to see, so many things that caught my interest.

It was the second time in a week that I noticed glass in the sidewalks, I remember somewhere reading something about this.  And voila, i think its the same glass.



By this time I had reached the Williamsberg Bridge and was set to dine somewhere on the west side so off I waked straight across on Delancy street.  There were a few false starts but then someone suggested to put the bridge behind me and walk.. that has to be west!  why didn’t i think of that?

While I walked I  called my son and asked for some suggestions where to eat,  ever helpful he came up a few places.  It wasn’t until i called and said I couldn’t walk another step that he suggested Jack’s Wife Freda.  The menu looked amazing but I am Paleo now (down a few pounds in under a week, not sleeping, missing cheesecake (oops-  I got some-hold on its coming))  So I went next door and fell in love with Ed’s Lobster Bar.  They won hands down due to a great vegetable selection and a Caesar salad on the menu.  We tore apart a steamed main lobster.



And they couldn’t have been more accommodating.  Brad arrived before 6, parking started at six, so I grabbed my salad, fork and napkin and sat the 20 minutes out with him in the car out front.


Across the street was a small triangular park named for

The Lieutenant was in the NYC Police force in the eery 1900’s and was assassinated in a trap while trying to bring the Mafia to justice.  Do not confuse Petrosino Square, which is triangular with the much larger Petrosino Park located in Brooklyn.

Is my day done.. I would have to say not yet.  Tho I am full on Paleo in my diet for the past week, I am not settled into it and still look all over for a good sweet.  Yesterday was no exception.  I did go home with a mini cheesecake from Eileens Special Cheesecake and I did sneak a taste about midnight.  A bit too light for my taste…


I also passed, but it was closed, Roni Sue’s Chocolate.

she advertises not to miss her little backyard garden, and sure enough, when you press your head against the glass you can make it out in the rear of her shop.  Gotta come back here!


The only thing left to do is to gather some remaining photos that I took during the day, and some on the ride home.. ahhhhh  how good it felt to sit down in the car and be driven home!  Thanks Brad!!

and yeah, a little lending library…

and if you look closely, on the left, in the top right corner.. books!

I should bring some down, don’t you think?

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