Lucinda Childs Dance Company

Mostly Mozart at Jazz at Lincoln Center. A completely new experience. You enter the mall and take an elevator up to the 5th floor where you exit into a huge open space with fabulous views, high ceilings, and a collection of interesting options to view. Photos of who has performed here, old posters, a number of video screens. Then into the theatre itself. A small intimate auditorium, I was in seat B2. Front, side, one of a pair of seats perhaps a bit too close. Next time Balcony.
ANd Lucinda Childs. This is what all modern dance should be. Set designed by Frank Gehry and that overly methodic thumping music but still. 50 minutes of dance. Available Light was created in 1963 and holds up well. Black, Red and then white dancers up a level. The upper dancers appeared to mimic a dancer below. It was flowing color and movement.

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