Apparently that’s where I am. I read some review in the Times and had the free tone so I thought “go see something they recommend ‘ so Symphonie Fantastique is it

A small theatre, inside pretty makeshift, seat E15 on the aisle in case I need to make a quick escape.

With a cafe and clean bathrooms downstairs , a piano on stage and, if I recall correctly, a 1000 gallon tank where perhaps we will see a puppet show

Fingers crossed

I couldn’t say it better than this…

ing the magic of puppetry with the powerful suggestions of music, dance and abstract art. Symphonie Fantastique is an intimate show set to the five movements of Hector Berlioz’s 19th century classical composition of the same name. The hour-long Symphonie is performed entirely in a specially constructed water tank. The puppeteers manipulate feathers, glitter, plastics, vinyl, mirrors, slides, dyes, blacklight, overhead projections, air bubbles, latex fishing lures to deliver a concert of forms, shapes and moving colors. Symphonie Fantastique premiered at HERE Arts Center in April 1998 and ran for two years.

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