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This book had a mazing reviews and I bought it. A big mistake. Perhaps a millennial might like it, but not me

A Day of Waterfalls and more

With a big plan to get out of the city and be a bit active we left the house at 11:30, hoping to be in some small town for lunch.  We walked as we do a few blocks from the house to where the car was stashed.  Oh, what fun, ahead of us a huge […]

Wife starring Glenn Close

Another story of a woman, in a marriage, setting herself aside, for years, and years… Her portrayal is unsurpassed. Wife seems to be a small release film, or maybe it is just hitting limited theaters in NY but it was truly a great film.  Vanity Fair thinks she could get the Oscar.. for this, she […]

Puzzle, the Movie

Another good film showcasing another woman, in another marriage, with another family, living another life, yet the same.  Subverted by everything around her.. who is she?  Is this really her life? Puzzle was pretty slow going at times, hard to watch at others, as the story is so familiar. And the New York Times seems […]

I got a MAP!!!   I never know where I am, I dont know whats near me and I have finally broken down.. I got a map, a big map.  and Im starting to get how things are here.. or rather in the lower part of Manhattan. 


I loved reading this book. It was unfamiliar and gripping.


A small town, a silly town, some crazy stories about its inhabitants. A joyful read, where each chapter can be read independently or sweet though it and fall in love.

A Thousand Acres

I do love a good story and this was one. I never knew where it was going nor did I care as I lived in the lives of this family on A Thousand Acres.


We met before the theatre at NYTW, The House That Will Not Stand, at Lafayette in the Village One block south and then a 5  minute walk East from Washington Square Park, then back that block and another 3 blocks to NYTW.   This in an effort to get me situated in that part of […]