Dance Tracks – NYCB

Tonight after Cassis for dinner ( a place i think I really like) we headed to the rooftop of the Hotel Empire for an evening of music presented by NYCB.  We heard a few short pieces that will accompany the dancers on stage this season.  Brought by two young choreographers…  And we were treated to a lovely intro by the Maestro Andrew Litton and learned a little about the music at the ballet.  This was the night we sat as board members at the front of the room.  The two choreographers were Matthew Neenan and Gianna Reisen.   We only heard the music this evening, and will have to wait to see the ballets.  I predict liking his more than hers.. I certainly preferred his musical selection.


On the way home we drove past the sight of the firefighter mural to see what was happening on the blank wall….



It appears to be Einstein riding a bicycle.. I don’t know why.

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