New York Marble Cemetery

I asked myself the same thing this morning when the name New York Marble Cemetery appeared on the map we were going to use today.  A trip down to the Village for lunch, a show at NYTW, a trip to DiPalo’s for snacks and home.  Sadly I didn’t think we would have time to go and I left the info at home.  Then, yay, with an hour to kill before the theatre we stumbled across the sign and in we went.

The cemetery is only open to the public 4 or 5 days a year and so it really was a wild card to have stumbled in.  Turns out there is some acre of land in the middle of the village that holds 156 below ground vaults.  We met two ‘members’ whose families have a long history of being buried here and who intend to join them when the time comes.   Along the walls you can just make out a few names that relate to the vaults spread across from them.

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