Jerome Robbins/ Pacific Northwest Ballet

For Works/Process and this was outstanding.  The season is interesting but often the guests are less than enlightening.  Not so this night.  Peter Boal, artistic director at Pacific Northwest Ballet did an amazing job.  He was prepared, he brought dancers and he spoke well… a change from o much at the works/process ( that I love but…)

Tonight was all about Jerome Robbins on is 100th Birthday.  What I recall most was the dancing we will never see.  Peter went into the archives and into his own memory ( having danced for Robbins in his younger years) to pull out bits that were choreographed but never publicly performed.  He told stories about being a young dancer and working with Robbins. On the whole a really good night.

We had a Robbins themed dinner at the Wright Restaurant at the Guggenheim.  All good, dessert exceptional.  They make whipped cream with powdered sugar as opposed to my moms way which was to fold regular table sugar in.

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