It really and truly might just have been

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The goal was met. I got to The National Arts club and saw the exhibit. I made it to both sidewalks etched by Ken. But I did so much more and had so many unexpected delays…unexpected treats… unexpected rare happenings

I only can tell You the story as if I were speaking it to you.

Its now many weeks later and Im not certain my memory is that good…

Dean and Deluca – cookie viewing





Ken Hiratsuka’s Graffiti outside the Prada store













a walk to Bond Street – Ken Hiratsuka’s commission on the sidewalk





all of Bond street – great buildings, golden people climbing…all of Bond street – great buildings, golden people climbing…



Past Cooper Union with interesting art on display inside





Witnessed the dismantling of the Chihuli at Union Square







Then to the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park where they were filming a TV show IMG_2689

Initially I couldn’t find the place because the awning was covered by set design – a funeral home…


Was told I couldn’t go in because of a private event

Ran into the only person I know in NY who was an extra on the set

Talked my way into the event and the Ken Hiratsuka showKEN HIRATSUKA

Wandered around the building, a bit under the radar as so many other things were happening that I went unnoticed

went to the bathroom and met the woman who sponsored the event

Great fun art, and pop up changing rooms.

what a day

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