Porter House Steak at Columbus Circle

What a disappointment.  We were very much looking forward to that wonderful Steakhouse experience. And in some ways it was. The room was right, with high ceilings and a park top view. The menu was right, the feel was right. But , our server not only neglected to let us in on the specials, but never returned to report back that the lava cake was NOT available at dinner. A delicious Caesar Salad arrived split, as we ordered, with anchovies, as we ordered and we thought this is going to be good. Then my second glass of water was poured ( with ice , i had requested no ice) and it began. The filet was perfectly prepared, red and rare, but it was dry and tasteless. The hash browns were good, once they were appropriately salted. The mushrooms were dry as was the chocolate cake. I still had a lovely time… On the way out I stopped to give my review to the manager. He gave me his card and suggested we come back and he would see that everything was right. But for 200 dollars, I think I will roll the dice another steak house.

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