EVE’S SONG and a walk to Bond Street

At the Public Theatre. Really emotional tale of a black family tearing apart with a backdrop focused on the deaths of black women. Or is it the other way around.

The Public describes it this way.

From The Public’s Emerging Writers Group alum and 2017-18 Tow Playwright-in-Residence Patricia Ione Lloyd (Pretty Hunger) and Obie Award-winning director Jo Bonney (Mlima’s Tale) comes a stunning, genre-bending new drama about the haunting of a black family in America.

In the aftermath of a messy divorce and a daughter coming out as queer, Deborah is trying to keep things normal at home. But as black people continue to be killed beyond their four walls, the outside finds its way in, blurring the lines between family dynamics, politics, and the spirit world. How long can family dinners keep the dangers outside at bay?

Filled with dark humor and boiling suspense, EVE’S SONG examines our present racial climate through the eyes of a regular American family.


And we also took a walk.  And found this on Bond Street.




do you recognize Ziggy Stardust.  painted somehow on these metal railings so the picture is only visible from certain angles… how did they do that?

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