After dance yesterday I knew I needed to stay out as the day was gorgeous but I had no errands to run and no desire to fulfill.  That leaves bakeries as I am not one to sit in the park for any length of time just soaking it all up.  Sweet Corner is the new favorite and I am trying things one at a time so I hailed my VIA and rode down to the West Village.  One salted chocolate chip cookie later I asked the guy for a place to buy bread.  Without hesitation “Brooklyn Fare”.  I had to go

Especially because it was a few blocks away and that fell right into my desire to explore the area.


a hidden enclave of homes, an old stable, a tiny hidden theatre and a pumpkin.

Turning corners could keep me occupied for days but the market was calling to me. As soon as I walked in I knew it was something special and that I would need some time, so I headed out the door to wander and devise a plan.  And right on the corner





So of course I had to go in, and it was Autumn… leaves changing, the last of the roses hanging on.




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UPDATE: the prepared foods were good ( tuna, mushrooms, haricot vert), the brownie was excellent, the salad fresh, the onions barely had me shed a tear.  There was a great assortment of ice creams, the best I have ever seen and another location on West 34th Street which I will be trying this week.

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