sous vide steak

we bought a heat gun, to brown our sous vide steak.  And we brought it to 110 degrees rather than the recommended 135 and it was perfect.  Many years ago when I was looking for the trick to make a great steak I stumbled onto America’s Test Kitchen.  They swore you should set your raw meat in the oven at 250 degrees and bring the meat to 90 before browning it in a super hot pan.

It worked, or some variation did.  Then I discovered the Sous Vide which is a water bath that brings the meat, ver hours, to the exact temperature you want, then pull it out and brown it.

Then I found a funny guy on the internet who said blow torch it with a searzall torch

and i was off and running. Because we had bought a bone in ribeye the pan method wasn’t going to work. There was a recommendation of a very hot oven but doesn’t blow torching your steak sound like more fun. Unfortunately we couldn’t find one in the city so.. a heat gun it was, set to 1300 degrees.
Honestly, it was taking way too long so we heated the cast iron, seared it in in 3 minutes and used the torch for the bone.
No complaints…

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