Window Shopping



The Amazon 4 Star Store. Who knew? Not I. Fun to see but not much that I haven’t seen before.











just an empty yard. Well,almost empty. Next to my new favorite shop









snow peak. All sorts of fun things for my outdoor kitchen. Collapsible outdoor cooking. Comfy chairs. I may fill my tiny house!









a pop up shop that attracted my attention a bit of art on the wall


A place to try

MAMAN – a place where I got a Nutella brownie, (Update: brownie was dry but with very nice flavor, but not a brownie flavor) sure Hope it’s good so I can come back. fea0e50c-6427-49b4-89a9-eb3ca90e2d18-602-00000143a5e646f8_file.jpgand then I got hungry. I thought what they heck and walked into what seems to be a banquet Hal. I was seated at a shared table up front but can hear the chatter all around me

Ordered shrimp dumplings and a crispy chicken in garlic. I think the place is called Royal Seafood. There was an old NYTIMES article posted on the door which I took as a welcome sign.

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