I woke up early in our fabulous borrowed downtown Austin condo and set to work on a plan. Big thanks to my friend Kim who sent me some info on what’s going on in Austin today. With that in hand and a need for a grocery, a bakery, and after some research, I added the need for a cheese shop,  I set to work with google maps to plan a day.  LA Barbecue ( which had a line two hours long) 5305 Bohm ( an artist studio) Quacks 43  ( a bakery) Antonelli’s Cheese Shop (in Hyde Park)

map austin day 1

With a list of recommended restaurants in hand I created a map of all of them in order to gauge distance.

Map Restaurants austin

Knowing that Willow Creek Lights, better known as Creek Show,  was tonight at Symphony Square we set off in the car and headed our GPS to our first stop. Not three minutes in the first distraction – THE STATE HOUSE  And what a place. Surrounded by amazing memorials, statues and a fabulous drinking fountain we wandered.

Yes, its a drinking fountain .  Step on the peddle and water pours from the hanging center spout.

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On the way back to the car we passed through the walk of governors which it seems is just a small park across from the State House where plaques are erected to memorialize a number of Texas State Governors?

and then off again. Next stop an art gallery but this week is is EAST ART WALK and it’s amazing. Signs dot the city streets. Over 500 artists participating. And I had to follow one and pull over and see what it was about.  Set up in their studios, backyards, offices and yes, even a funeral home where I bought something I love by artist David Mercado.

We walked through more than a dozen studios in this gentrifying neighborhood. Passed signs and nature and houses and a even tiny house or two.

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Time for lunch and we drove what turned out to be three blocks. To Las Cazuelas – a bit dirty but I managed an outdoor table. Getting the tortilla soup and a couple on chicken enchiladas

The soup and place are on the recommendation of the girl I want to be when I grow up. Jennifer Conroy DrPh Potter, Artist, Entrepreneur  was our first stop on the art walk. She has an overgrown yard full of made and found things like I tried to do in Miami. She raises bees in her yard, built a tiny house for her books, is a potter who is taking painting lessons on the side and is living the life.  Happy , enthusiastic, and seemingly settled I fell for her.  She opened her yard to a number of other artists but it was her and her stuff that I liked.




And we aren’t done… On to Food.  We started at Quacks 43, a bakery renowned for making the best brownie in Austin..  It was in Hyde park near Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.  We haven’t tried the food yet but the experience was, well, just that, an experience.  The Quack had a short quickly moving line and some cinnamon roll that I had to pass up, I dont remember why at this moment because i so wish I had it now.  I did bring home a caramel brownie and a cookie dough cupcake which, when we finally got to the Cheese shop, Brenda was eyeing with larceny in her eyes.

Then into the highlight of the foodie afternoon, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.  The line looked like an hour but if Brad was willlingto wait, who am I to argue.  We tasted truffle cheeses, creamy cheeses, cheeses like Parmesan, we tasted prosciutto and salami and some caramel thing made by the owners friend up in Dallas.  We lucked out and had the owner helping us but everyone was tasting and chatting and enjoying the experience.



There is always so much to see and so many things I want to stop and spend a minute with, today it was a giant seashell, a red metal bull and the east side food park.


So what’s on the list for later in the week?

A hike, a drive, Salt and Time meat shop, Central Market in Hyde Park, Asti trattoria, The Contemporary Austin’s Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria.  

Austin , after just a day gets 2 thumbs up.


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