Debbie our server says it’s one of the few restaurants she has worked at where everything she has tried is good.

An hour and a half from Houston on our way to Austin in Brenham. We passed the AME Baptist church on the way in and Nate’s bar and lounge.

There is a gorgeous old abandoned building just outside

The restaurant crowd seems lovely and happy. A number of tables with well behaved kids even

As sweet as our waitress is and as happy as I am with my finds in the little shop it is safe to say after our salads that we have not found a gem. We have a veal Marsala and a chocolate volcano to come. Update: reheated day old , not good.

Cubes of turtle cheesecake baked into a chocolate mousse on a bed of cookie crumble crust. With almonds and a touch of whipped cream.  Update: edible

After dinner we lake a drive down Main Street 2 minutes into downtown Brenham, it  seems to be a lovely town.  There’s an old firehouse with old fire trucks and lots of shops for window shopping, with a couple of ice cream places and a diner and a few other coffee shop type eateries to round things out. On the way in we passed the blue Bell Creamery so I gather this must be an ice cream town.

I would come back here

Leaving town we drove further along Main Street passed tons of lovely little houses and plenty of pick up trucks.

We got into Westwood which is from, where I sat, depressing. Chain fast food restaurants and lots of square retailers in strip malls. Perhaps I missed something but not on Main Street

Driving along highway 290 a four lane divided road we headed into the darkness and the unknown. We passed Shady Acres Lane and Happy Hollow. Road, I am entertained.  The speed limit went up to 75 and the darkness kept going

The Leonids are tonight so I’m looking for shooting stars. Well I will be when I stop typing

In carmine if you watch carefully you will see an old airplane frame replica on the left in a gas station type yard.

With no meteor showers and very little else to see Brad is trying to identify the roadkill… dog? Deer? Mountain lion?

We drive thru Giddings. The home of Jigsaw Weaponry LLC. You can also find a Whataburger in Giddings, which i had never seen before but appear often. And a Walmart.

We got held up on our way out of town by a train rolling through and were parked next to this old Chevy.

With no muffler and Cooper Cobra tires

There is a sign for Texas Brazos Trail–  I wonder what it is.  so I Google it.  ” Although, a driving trail is marked out on the map, visitors are encouraged to travel the entire region experiencing the charm and heritage of this mainly rural area of the state. Visitors to the region can explore state parks, visit a presidential library, sample some of Texas’ best BBQ, or enjoy one of the many local festivals and events. The region is filled with historic towns, unique downtown shops, museums, beautifully preserved homes, and more.”

Topped only by the next sign for Old Potato Road, i kid you not…

Btw. I saw one dead deer and one ripped tire on the side of the road during this 3 hour sojourn.

Historical marker 9209 was announced by a sign that read historical marker one mile ahead on left. And sure enough. It was there.  from a search i found two thing.  “Laid out 1871; named for Jas. McDade, Brenham lawyer. Became a thriving town, important freight center and early-day stage stop. School-church was built 1872; vigilantes (organized 1883) lynched three men on Christmas Eve, causing a shoot-out next day at the Rock Saloon (now a museum). (1968) Incise in base: McDade was settled in 1869.” and this photo,

marker 9209

the details dont match.. Im going with the quote.

Elgin population 9200 about 30 miles outside Austin boasts some industry and a downtown and visitors center. Certainly a place to check out tho we saw no signs of anything from the road at ten pm.

Besides the fun billboard for the attorney who rocks

attorney who rocks

I saw more indications that there is a historic town here.

And then the lights of what I assume is the Austin suburbs appear in the distance. Low and sprawling

One thing I love about traveling the roads of a new part of the country is that there are native things they all know that I have to learn, when I pass a sign that says ‘Donuts. Kolaches and coffee’ I need to know what is a Kolaches.

After passing Presidential Glenn and Presidential Manor then George bush road we began to wonder???  Is there a connection.  I dont actually care enough to find out.  Kolaches I needed to know about, but this.. not so much.

And with ten miles or so left to go we took the high bridge exit for280 west and caught our first glimpses of downtown and his high rise buildings and twinkling lights.  I didn’t take this photo, but i was amazed, I had no idea that Austin really is a city.

austin skyline

And then we were here. I think it is a distinct skyline and much larger than I expected.

And into Ceasar Chavez street. In Texas? I need to think about this.

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