I would like to say as we sit at El Mercado waiting for our sopa and enchiladas at almost 2 pm that we had a late start today but really not.

We had a bit of a false start that was almost a jackpot when we headed out at 10 to Stubbs bbq for their Sunday morning revival and buffet. Turns out that you better make a reservation, they were full up for the 10:30 seating and had only two seats at the bar for the next seating at 12:30. We had had a cold walk over of about 25 minutes so we ubered back

Did I mention the pre false start which was to Bidermans Jewish deli downtown at 800 Brazos Street.  We walked 3/4 of the way there and then I thought to ask “did we check if it’s open?”  “No” and “No”.

So here we are having enjoyed our meal at El Mercado


and home after a long day of exploring the different areas that make up Austin.

This was our list of the day and we did it all, along with a drive past the Elisabet Ney Museum.

day 2 austin map



  1. EL Mercado for lunch
  2. 2. Central Market in Hyde Park –  Mile’s Brownie
  3. Torchy’s Tacos – Also a brownie, this time Love Puppies Brownies
  4. Museum of Natural and artificial Ephemera
  5. Salt & Time



and next to El Mercado was a shop focused on Women Artists – Local I presume, that I will need to return to.


Thank goodness for Google Maps, and Yelp and all that, without them I don’t know how I would search out all these things.  I do talk to everyone and ask and take notes but the online access is life altering, or at least day altering.

A plan like this is so wonderful, not only do we get the items we are after, today Brownies, but we get to see so many parts of town we might otherwise never encounter.

Central Market did not disappoint.  Along with 22 turkeys prepared 8 different ways ready for slicing at the deli counter, they had a good looking bakery.  I know we were here for the Brownie, but how could I resist Anthonys Chocolate Mousse?

Central Market had been recommended at the cheese shop as an alternative to the big chain HEB, and since I always love a good long stroll through a new market it made a list of to do this week. But, and I dd the ‘best brownie in Austin’ Google search I was directed to Mile’s Chocolate which makes a brownie sold at Central Market. The deal was cinched!

I’m not sure who arranged the store.  First you travel either into the market itself or into the produce section.  From fresh produce you are lead to the meat and fish, then into the main market.  Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about it.  We found new pastas and loose bbq spices, there were delicious grapes and the Brownie.  Taste testing tonight.

Torchy’s is a fast food chain and the Love Puppies Brownie selection was displayed prominently at the register.  Love Puppies is another local producer of a delicious brownie, or so says google.


I by-passed velveteen, gluten free and peanut butter for the double chocolate.  Getting out of there and looking for the museum , which it turns out does not exist, brought us through an entirely newly created section of Austin.  Then to the place I had been looking forward to since I first heard about it.

Salt & Time had been recommended at Antonelli’s Cheese shop as a place that cures its own meats.  It is more than that. It is a butcher shop that has a small restaurant and market and they make there own cured products with the by products.  They say the are a whole beef butcher which seems to mean they use the entire animal.  Trust me when I say there were things there that would give me nightmares if I thought too hard about them.  But it was fun and I try  never to think so hard that I lose sleep.

Update: And now it is after dinner and the excitement has worn off.  I don’t think I liked the soft and buttery Salami I got, but i did enjoy the Bentons Ham they were selling (because their own cold smoker was not functioning)  Did I mention we also got some paprika and Jerky, a couple of cookies and some brownies that the girl behind the register makes.

we also passed a big hole in the ground earlier today and a funny looking metal tree.



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