AUSTIN Day 3- Road trip

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We set the GPS to avoid highways and take us first to Pedernales Falls State Park.  We wanted to walk a bit and see the falls.  When we arrived…



The whole drive was pretty and we were able to visit a number of rv parks.

Our first was up near Bee Cave.  There seemed to be tons of RV parks and plenty of development.  New communities rising from nothing.

we took the most backroad route we could find.  There was plenty of road kill, we crossed a waterfall, saw a deer, stopped to admire some fabulous gates and a roadside store devoted totally to tanks.  Brad thought i meant war tanks, but I hadn’t ever seen a yard full of so many varied tanks.. ever.

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All along the drive we passed these flood marker












We saw a tiny house in the cottonwood RV Park as we entered Blanco County





Blanco was our next stop.  I had looked for BBQ and the recommendation was The Old 300.  Turns out it was the only BBQ joint in town. We asked for a sampler of ribs, brisket, hot sausage and pork loin and even though it wasn’t on the menu, they were happy to provide.  We thought it was all delicious.. until we got to Lockhart…

We spent some time in Blanco visiting with the ladies at the old court house which really was used as everything but.  They recommended a buggy museum, a preserve developed by the owner of chick fil a (Bamberger – you need to make an appointment) .  Besides bats in old swimming pools they have dinosaur tracks!, and the devils backbone drive.  The drive is what we did, the other things.. another day.   They told us Blanco was home of the smallest State Park in Texas, we drove through and checked out the rv campground.

The Blanco Courthouse


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A few other suggestions were for  willow city loop and the Enchanted Rock out of Fredericksburg.  There are also rodeo days in Blanco.

We enjoyed the drive to the devils backbone.  At one point there is a puloff to look over the area and there are tributes all along the fence.  After a bit of research the best I could find was that they were set up for people who loved the area, not those who necessarily died there.



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Arrived in San Marcos to find two historic districts

Neither was a big hit.  The most interesting thing about the town was the two mermaids.

San Marcos is a college town, the home of Texas State University.

So on we moved to Lockhart.  A nice little town with a beautiful Town Hall, a lovely gourmet shop, what looked to be an interesting clock and watch museum, a brand new bakery and delicious bbq.

Of the things we tried at Black’s, the  giant beef rib and brisket. Sausage original a pork rib and a baby back I think we agreed that the Brisket was the clear winner of the most delicious.   This place was worth the drive, tho I open to changing my mind after i try some Austin bbq.


Somewhere in all this we drove to Fischer. This is the entirety of it.


And the two things I am left to investigate art  Austin arts boards??? and McKinney State Park Falls.

This is why taking a road trip is so great


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