Austin Day 4

Today we are hoping for a hike, or two, depending on so many things: our feet. the weather, time.  And a bit of sight seeing.

Starting out early we head first to the Cathedral of Junk, then on to a walk at Barton Creek, then if all is good we will lunch at The Picnic Food Truck Park and end the pre-nap part of our day by walking through the sculpture garden at The Contemporary- Laguna Gorda followed by a ten minute stop at the HOPE outdoor gallery.

Then later in the afternoon perhaps a trip to McKinney Falls State Park.

I’m starting to think about dinner….

We took South Lamar blvd into the Edwards Aquifer. Passed Tiny Pies on the way..  UPDATE: had a brownie in a pie with pecans – not the greatest thing ever but certainly a fun memory. 

On our search for an entrance to a trail on this Barton Creek Greenway we drove a round a bit more than expected.  Eventually we found a great article that gave a pretty good explanation.   We were directed to the Zilker Trailhead and nearby discovered the Zilker Botanical Garden and Omlauf Sculpture Garden ( which we will return to tomorrow).

(We do try to avoid highways but that doesn’t mean we can’t be amazed by the ingenious calculations that must take place to erect something like this.)

We walkedc Zilkintrail and saw the hugs Christmas tree on the radio tower there as we pulled out. Maybe it will be lit soon and we can go see it

Highlights of the trail were really the rocks, cliffs, boulders along the sides. Then finding out that the creekbed is usually dry. So with water running we had an unusual experience

Now we sit at Perla waiting for some Texas grouper. It’s cold and we grabbed a tiny sunny spot next to heater and horses and cowboys were walking down the street. 

Met a couple from San Antonio. They recommend. Go to market square.  La vita see the missions.  King William district.  Zinc. Restaurant,  The liberty barn. Amalita chicken

As we drove back to the condo, having achieved only one of my planned goals we drove Under the bridge on south Lamar – what is austin murals???

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