Austin day 6. Thanksgiving

We had a reservation at the Hyatt on the river. It was a disaster. I complained. It was free. What a lovely brunch.  Kudos go out to Meagan at the Hyatt for really understanding.

We walked from the condo over the bridge and along the greenway path to the statesman bat viewing and on until we were walking along the raised walkway. 

So much to see so far to walk.  We passed the fenced in Mexican American Museum but I was able to sneak the camera through to see what was on the other side.

To our surprise we spotted a AI WeiWei sculpture that we had forgotten had been mentioned when we were at The Contemporary – Laguna Gloria.

One thing I can say for austin is they do a great job with signage.  All along the path were signs explaining the expansion that is planned, the rules, the names of paths and bridges and distances.  I found this to be the case every place we went.

After all that walking we went back for a rest and made a reservation for dinner at III Forks.  But there was still one thing I wanted to see.  The HPOE outdoor Gallery.  So another half hour on foot and there we were.  It was a bit run down but a great idea.

As it turns out the walls were to be closed this past summer and relocated out b the airport.  I think it got to be too far from the original idea to have a place for street artists to practice and work.  Now its graffiti by everyone who comes.  The plan for the new location appears to address this.

On the walk there and back there was much to see

And after dinner we took the long walk home over near the library and crossed the arched bridge and the new bridge next to the old railroad tracks.

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