Alvin Ailey night 2

First, Juba choreographer Robert Battke who we heard at works /process earlier this year was four blue dancers. What was it about. High squeaking violins as the bounced and jerked across the stage. It seemed jumbled and incoherent. Mr Battle redeemed himself with the short energetic Ella. As Ella Fitzgerald sang her skat a couple […]

Bryant Park Holiday Market

I set off yesterday morning on a quest to buy a gift of one warm scarf for a friend. I had bought one for myself at The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle a few days ago, I showed her, she loved it, I had a mission. I headed up to Columbus Circle and thought it […]


The goal for the day is to get to a stand in a Newmar Bay Star 3215.  perhaps this will be the RV for us… Nope, too small, not us… but it was a lovely day.  We headed out and wound our way to and through Milford. Over an old bridge. We rode along the […]

Walking December 5

Found myself at Union Square only to discover that all year round they have a market every Monday, Wednesday and friday.  We didn’t really fancy the cheese I brought home, but I will return!

La Traviata

We heard the double Aria.  Thats right, we had taken our class at the Opera Guild on La Traviata.  Though 97% was way above me I did remember that I would hear a double Aria and I did.  I also noticed in the second act how Verdi gave his leading man some stage time.  How […]

Kyros by Wayne McGregor. ALVIN AILEY.

As a member of City Center I am lucky enough to be invited to a few rehearsals each season.  Today was Alvin Ailey .  As we filled the upper portion of the theatre the dancers were wandering around the stage, just like normal people.  The a hush fell, the screen came down and it bagan. […]

Auction at The Phillips Gallery and MAD

Just by chance on my way home from a fabulous day I passed the Phillips Gallery.  I always enjoy 15 minutes inside at have thought that this year I should make it a point to attend an auction.  When I walked through the door I had no idea that an auction was actually in progress […]

Met Members preview

When I think about my life sometimes I can’t believe how fortunate I am.  I tend to explain it by saying I had a pretty miserable childhood followed by an even worse marriage so I deserve all the good that I have now.  Especially because i remain happy, generous, upbeat and grateful.  And this Preview […]

A Day of Bakeries and Mimi Chengs

I was in a wandering mood and as I do many Mondays I headed to DiPalos and Chinatown to see what I could find to eat.  This day I did the Little Cupcake Bake Shop.  I couldn’t resist.   And the slice of chocolate cake was worth the effort.  On my way home I saw […]

A Walk – Lots to see on my way to Warhol at the Whitney

They say Saturday night is a great time to go to the museum and it was great.  Empty, and quiet.  I really had time to relax and read about what I was seeing without distraction.  On my way I decided to pop up to the Highline.  Again I was pretty much alone.  I certainly don’t […]