Beauty & Essex and Il Laboratorio del Gelato

We are meeting new friends for dinner.  They are doing a tiny house build, doing it themselves.  They are charming ( they are reading this).  We meet down on the Lower East Side at a ‘see and be scene’ place called Beauty and Essex.  Little tapas plates of food in combinations you only get at a place like this.  the evening was delightful.  

We had a chicken dish, a burger, not such good asparagus, a fairly competent cosmopolitan and great bbq fries.  The building was amazing.

You walk into a little tattoo parlor feeling space and in the back is a door that leads to the restaurant.  It feels like an old converted mini mansion.  Huge chandeliers, bonding staircase, pony fur walls and down in the basement a few girls getting together for a party in the ladies room. 

Then on to dessert at il laboratorio del gelato .    It was a huge white open ice cream, no, gelato factory.  with an amazing array of unusual flavors.  I went for cookies and cream with hot fudge… 

Categories: Desserts, RESTAURANTS

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