A Day of Bakeries and Mimi Chengs

I was in a wandering mood and as I do many Mondays I headed to DiPalos and Chinatown to see what I could find to eat.  This day I did the Little Cupcake Bake Shop.  I couldn’t resist.   And the slice of chocolate cake was worth the effort.  On my way home I saw out of the corner of my eye Mimi Chengs.  Now , I seem to remember that Mimi Cheng was listed on the list of best dumplings in NY so of course I had to go in and try.  I brought home a small order of her original dumplings and although they were very good, the sauce was not to my liking as is so often the case. 

Continuing on my way I wandered through Madison Square Park and got a peak at a life size GingerBread House. 

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