Auction at The Phillips Gallery and MAD

Just by chance on my way home from a fabulous day I passed the Phillips Gallery.  I always enjoy 15 minutes inside at have thought that this year I should make it a point to attend an auction.  When I walked through the door I had no idea that an auction was actually in progress and i went upstairs to find a real live auctioneer with a gavel auctioning off lot 176.  i think it went for 35,000 dollars.  There were people on the sides in booths on phones.  it was just like on TV!!

I had had a lovely day and this was just the topper. 

It started with a lovely Salsa lesson down on 28th street, a walk uptown to MAD where I saw the Finalist for the Burke Prize a new award being given by the Museum for Craft artistry.  I couldn’t find an explanation for how the winners were chosen, but some of it was interesting.  

I loved this string thing…

As you walked into the gallery it was hard to tell if it was actually something or just light.  It was beautiful.

there were huge ceramics by Sterling Ruby.  

Tho I really did like both of these exhibits I would give the award for the day to FAKE NEWS.   14 stories by Robert Baines.  He is a Jewelry maker and in addition to a small mementos he created he made a newspaper with 14 fake stories to go with them.  One showed Marilyn Monroe with Jack Kennedy, another about Putin and a coronation crown.  It’s worth a view on the website if you don’t have a chance to see it in person. 

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