Kyros by Wayne McGregor. ALVIN AILEY.

As a member of City Center I am lucky enough to be invited to a few rehearsals each season.  Today was Alvin Ailey .  As we filled the upper portion of the theatre the dancers were wandering around the stage, just like normal people.  The a hush fell, the screen came down and it bagan.  The screen was  covered by a musical staff. I was totally engaged. There were only a few small times that I thought it could have been better and that was mostly the use of the floor. I just hate seeing the dancers lying down on the floor.

after the rehearsal a young man explained that they would now be going over technical issues. That there were parts that didn’t go as smoothly as they would like but that “everything will be perfect for the opening”


The hall upstairs is gorgeous with a painted ceiling that I am sure I cannot do justice to with words or photos.  And in the stairwells…

Then a marvelous walk with so much to see as the Holiday Season approaches

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