La Traviata

We heard the double Aria.  Thats right, we had taken our class at the Opera Guild on La Traviata.  Though 97% was way above me I did remember that I would hear a double Aria and I did.  I also noticed in the second act how Verdi gave his leading man some stage time.  How very interesting it was to see something I could almost understand.  It was as usual way too long but our seats were fun, a side box (35) on the Grand Tier Level.

I also did some reading on my own and discovered the significance of the flower which adorned the curtain.  You see, Traviata is based on a play that is based on a real instanced eof a young girl who became a courtesan.  She would put out a white flower telling her gentleman callers that it was a good time to visit, and a red flower on the days that it was not.

Which reminds me, i read a super interesting article today on the history of the ladies “rest room“.

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