The goal for the day is to get to a stand in a Newmar Bay Star 3215.  perhaps this will be the RV for us… Nope, too small, not us… but it was a lovely day.  We headed out and wound our way to and through Milford. Over an old bridge. We rode along the river which curved off past a general store and up up up  through another small community  It reminds brad that he wants to do a river tour.  That is apparently driving along the river and stopping at all the little towns. I thought it was a boat thing.

Ringing Rocks is our first stop and the road looks just like many other suburban drives. Lined with rocks. Houses set back and then into a small parking lot and voila.  We arrive. 

Its  huge field of boulders that was deposited by glaciers.  Seems that the rocks have different elements and when hammered they all make different sounds.  Ringing Rocks is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. 

After coming back down from the boulder field we drove along the rivers edge.  There was a slim piece of land along the river and a canal on the side so each house had its own bridge across the canal. Then 15 minutes along back roads to THE WAFFLE HOUSE

These were old towns , old farms with old buildings. There were cows and sheds and hills and farms. Many of the old houses were built practically onto the road. 

It was just mile after mile of the same but different ..

Fields and forest streams and houses and then a major bridge across the road. A highway and four minutes showing on the GPS  to the Waffle House.  


A graveyard, a second graveyard.  Another bridge , the houses clustering closer.  The feeling we are getting closer to town. Is it a neighborhood restaurant called Waffle House or will it be the real McCoy?

A holiday in and a Waffle House. And it turns out to be the exact one we had been to before. So Brad has been twice, both to the same spot, we need to drive in another direction next time:).

After lunch we headed toward Tobin studios a twenty minute drive back along the country roads. As we passed farmland we noticed a series of signs declaring “Preserved Farm”. And “preserved orchard”.   I wonder what they are?

The road continues to wind and climb and twist and drop and I just keep looking and liking. The old mixed with the new. The everyday and the quirky.  It is definitely horse country out here.  

I didn’t know what to expect from Tobin Studios.  I found a reference to it on RoadSideAmerica.com.  its a weird little site, not easy to use but I eventually found a map section, looked around the area I thought we would be and found Tobin in Quakertown, PA. 

We were startled and amazed as we came upon these huge twisting sculptures spread across both sides of the road.  They seemed to just appear

Driving out of Tobin through Milford I was astounded by the building and growth. A new hospital and townhomes were going in huge piles of earth and earthmovers lines the roadway. You could tell a Walmart was going to come destroy the town soon.  

There were half buried white bicycles in front of building that looked like an old church in East Greenville.  

It turns out after a whole bunch of poking around online to be a community group promoting wheeled movement?

And no end to the water.  Streams,creeks, little lakes and ponds.  

There was a little farm stand that is worth going back for, Stauffers Family Farm it was/is called.  And just scenery…

Not having any idea where we were we consulted a map and saw we were an hour from Philadelphia where we thought we spend the night and two hours from home so we headed home.  On the way we sidestepped  into Doyelstown for dinner.  Alive on a Saturday night.  Packed with people, shoppes, restaurants.  Just lovely feeling all around. I could happily spend an afternoon poking my nose into places

We met a young man who recommended a plethora of choices.  We settled on  Bocelli’s on N. Main Street.   At first we were turned away, no tables, then the host reconsidered and offered us a fabulous table by the window if we could be out in an hour.   We weren’t but nobody seemed to care.

Complimentary bruschetta and slice of ricotta crepe, a Caesar salad that was perfect but for our neglecting to ask for anchovies 

Brad ordered the sole with crabmeat special. Me? I asked for a veal Marsala.  They were both delicious as was the chocolate mousse cake.   We will definitely want to return. 

On the way out we caught sight of some big bright lit things. Turns out to be the Mercer Museum.  Or the Michener Museum?  I think they are two separate museums located across the street from each other . And one of Tobins sculptures was right out front.  seeing this is when I discovered that  this was where I had planned to come on the way home tomorrow.   Since it was late and closed we agreed to come back, I am so very much looking forward to it. 

The drive was certainly enhanced by the abundance of homes that were lit with Christmas lights. So many varieties of decorations.  Eventually we did get home, one wonderful but exhausting day!

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