Bryant Park Holiday Market

I set off yesterday morning on a quest to buy a gift of one warm scarf for a friend. I had bought one for myself at The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle a few days ago, I showed her, she loved it, I had a mission.

I headed up to Columbus Circle and thought it was such a lovely day I would walk through the park. I didn’t go far when I happened upon a group of people watching the lake. Ahhh, yes, I remember, The Mandarin Duck .

I confess, the above is not my photo.. these are mine.


I meandered my way around the lake with a thousand other people. The air was crisp, the breeze was slight, it was that perfect winter day. Gloves were a luxury not a necessity.

The shop at Columbus Circle was out of the neck warmer so I headed off to Bryant Park. It took a few minutes to get in the groove as this was a change to my planned excursion which was to include a massage and a trip to the market for some treats, but get into the mood of the walk I did. As Im heading down 48th street between 6th and 7th avenues I see a wide open space that cuts through the buildings… and its interesting to see how my google timeline shows this… it doesn’t actually track my path… I wonder why?

So anyway, in this space there are these two huge dogs , one with camera poised, and then there is a fabulous fountain. You can walk through it and look up and see the water rushing around your head.

So of course I am now the happiest camper. My day has been misdirected and I have seen something that makes me smile. The cut through the streets lasts a few more blocks, one of which was completely empty when I entered it. How often os anyone alone in a quiet place in the middle of midtown? a treat I tell you.

On to Bryant Park, the sight of my first Holiday Market a dozen years ago. It has only gotten better, tho no bigger. The tree was gorgeous and cheerful,

the skaters were spinning and there was my scarf… and two more I couldn’t resist. Apparently my defenses were down because i couldn’t resist these either.

Fries with Brisket, Cheese and hot sauce!

Now you cant really see the menu but i was only able to try the original pork and chive, so I have to go back today for the peking duck. maybe I just wasn’t up to it after seeing the Mandarin Duck earlier in the day. I ate my fires as I headed to Grand Central to take the 5 train home. I started a new book “Free Food for Millionaires” having just finished “the backup Plan” ( I give them both two thumbs up) … and finally, finally , finally , got a massage at Miins.

A glorious day…

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