MICHENER MUSEUM Doylestown Pennsylvania- Bucks County

This was one of those totally unexpected and unplanned fabulous experiences.  we had driven down to DC to visit the Glenstone Museum only to have it close due to weather.  We had little choice but to head back to NY and hope to have another opportunity to go.  The snow was falling in DC but […]

The New Amity Diner

1134 Madison. Near the Guggenheim. Good cheesecake and bland hot turkey with fries. But. It’s a diner so sure, I would go back.

M C ESCHER at Industry City in Brooklyn

  A few weeks ago I had spotted  and dismissed something about an Escher exhibit.  I just didn’t believe that it could live up to my memories.  But on this miserable day the thought of going someplace new and being inside, well,  it just worked out perfectly, so off to industry city in Brooklyn we […]


Walked past after visiting Cadillac house. With an enticing menu in we came. We had sworn off Caesar salad but the place had the right feel so we started with a perfect salad. Much to our surprise The bread was good with a tangy olive oil that was not overpowered by the olives. Then some […]

The Magic Flute

I never claimed to enjoy the opera. Often I like the sets, rarely the story (but the story is never the point). If I close my eyes I enjoy most of the music, tho the soprano less than the rest. As often as not the staging, setting, design hold my interest and last night at […]


Peking Duck for Dinner with the kids. I made the reservation weeks in advance as it appears that the prix fixe Peking Duck dinner is very much in demand. We were seated at a tight communal table in a basement on Hudson street. It was rainy and cold and unusual. You get the duck, then […]

A new favorite quote

It turns out that long military careers usually create a different view of the way the world works than long careers in commercial real estate. And it is a view that Mr. Trump still rejects, even more vociferously than he did when he was running for office.