M C ESCHER at Industry City in Brooklyn


A few weeks ago I had spotted  and dismissed something about an Escher exhibit.  I just didn’t believe that it could live up to my memories.  But on this miserable day the thought of going someplace new and being inside, well,  it just worked out perfectly, so off to industry city in Brooklyn we went.  And it did not disappoint.   

Put on by a private Japanese company it was an Escher wonderland.  History, drawings, sculpture – with wonderful explanations and placed in chronological order.

We were able to see the ideas develop and change over time.


We really had no idea where we were or where we were headed. There was a light show on Statin Island this evening and we were hungry and directionless until then, it was getting dark anythings were closing when Brad spotted a dumpling pace. 2 orders of dumplings later we were satiated and on our way. believe we could recommend Yasu Tangbao at Industry City but we might recommend you go to Japan Village first. This huge market/eatery was enticing in its own crowd filled way. But we are on the soup dumpling hunt so that’s what won out for us.

Having absolutely no idea what to expect we drive through the freezing drizzle out to Statin Island to the Lantern Festivel

Our arrival was amazing. We could see the hills in the distance and as we drove the views back to Manhattan were breathtaking. We caught small peeks as we drove along Howard Street on statin island. There was one gorgeous homes after the other. Mostly elaborately Decorated. and gated. And then turn the corner. Go around a curve and a view of lower Manhattan

I’m blown away. It never seems to end, who knew ? Statin Island?

We crossed a neighborhood, forded hills and many a narrow one way streets.

The neighborhood definitely declined as we closed in on Snug Harbour. And then improved again. And another city view. Wow! It is definitely an area that likes to light up for the holidays.

We pull into Snug Harbor knowing that we want to return in the daylight and in better weather.

The Lantern festival was muddy but worth it.

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