MICHENER MUSEUM Doylestown Pennsylvania- Bucks County

This was one of those totally unexpected and unplanned fabulous experiences.  we had driven down to DC to visit the Glenstone Museum only to have it close due to weather.  We had little choice but to head back to NY and hope to have another opportunity to go.  The snow was falling in DC


but had stopped by the time we reached Doylestown so in we swooped for a quick bite and to check out one of the two museums we knew were there.  The Michener and the Mercer. 


We arrived in time for a fabulous tour.  The museum was brought into being by a friend of the author James Michener, oddly tho Micheners art collection is located elsewhere.  The building is an old prison and the collection is all Bucks County related.  The artist either lived or worked in Bucks County. 

 The woodworker George nakashima. and his daughter created these beautiful pieces of furniture.  He had been  in an internment camp during that brief and embarrassing period in our history and found his way with the help of an old employer ( or so I recall the story going). e9d4b18d-8104-400e-b182-23fe8e88b87b-4451-0000031a69253447_file.jpg

He built a house here that is open periodically, a possible excuse for a return visit. 

Woodworker and framemaker.

But do please take notice the frames framing Daniel Garbers paintings


I could spend days listing off the things we saw in this wonderful museum but I won’t. 


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In the slideshow above are some highlights.   I especially love that there was a cart of stools in case you want to sit. 

We did a lot of wandering downtown looking for lunch and wound up at Coach’s Hoagies. Seems Sunday is a closed day.  The hoagie was fine.

At lunch Brad found the city map

And up in the corner


Altomontes Italian market- open until 5 so if the kids here at coach’s can slam together our hoagies we can hop over before closing.


Altamontes was a bit disappointing for the deli mans lack of knowing how to cut the San Danielle. We picked up a few other things so we will see. They did have Hands Off My Chocolate bars so I got two of them

As we followed the river we passed a few small towns.  We saw the most curious sign on a small house.  Keep your keys here for $2.  Now why would anyone want to keep there keys here?  it was a mystery.. the answer.  For when you go rafting down the river, so you dont lose them.  Brilliant.

We drove past  Golden Pheasant Inn which  looked nice just our side of the another one lane bridge. While I’m typing away Brad reports sighting a few large homes and an art gallery, I must remember to see if we can come for a weekend soon. 

Nearby is the Delaware family restaurant. And over a super narrow bridge into Frenchtown another small Inn. 

and we are Still about an hour and a half outside the city.

There in the field someone had put lights on the silo



Its now weeks since we took this drive but there are things I would like to remember about it… and some random notes I took on the drive. 

At the start of the drive while the ground was still covered in a fresh sweep of brilliant white snow the exits of the highway were lined with trucks pulled over and covered in snow. I assume pulling off as the roads became slick and bunking in for the night. Here it was noon and they were still sleeping.

Drove home through point pleasant. Made a wrong turn over a one lane bridge and were face to face with the Delaware.  This is  where you can keep your keys for a few dollars. 


And then another lovely looking place The Grill at Pottstown. Still traveling back roads and twisting through fields , over hills, and through small enclaves of homes both old and new.

You can smonetimes see clusters of lights appear as you come over a hilltop or around a bend in the road. It’s so dark out there is little clue as to what sits left or right

Then quick as you can we are flying down highway 78 and the fun is over. Noise, lights, cars, trucks. All


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