Nice neighborhood Italian just not in our neighborhood. The chocolate cake was just all about chocolate. The branding was served on a yummy bed of spinach. The broccoli rabe was good and the Caesar was weak No flavor in the dressing but huge scrapes of cheese that overtook everything This was the night I had […]


We searched this place out because we both had a memory of ha omg been here. A long narrow old time French restaurant where we had shared lunch with a lovely man seated alone next to us Last time we had a croque. Tonight we are looking at pan seared sole and braised short ribs.

Gallim dance at the Joyce

Awful, terrible, non sensical, pointless, unpleasant. I can’t exactly come up with a word to describe this hour. Un-understandable? Often I don’t understand the dance our the point. This evening I could tell we were at creation. What with the single celled organisms writhing across the floor – patternless blobs of jerky movement. Or the […]

Hurricane Diane at NYTW

NYTW has yet to disappoint. Hurricane Diane was brilliant. Set in the identical Kitchens of the three main characters I was at home and familiar with the scene. And blown away by the story. Diane, a play on the god of nature arrives at the cul de sac to save the world from climate change. […]

La Bergamote

I have a new policy that I want to make a reservation for dinner, no matter where, ahead of time so that on the day of I am not searching for a place to go at the last minute. So I booked us into La Bergamote before a night at the Joyce. It was nearby […]

Movie – Never Look Away

As is my habit I skim something about a movie and if I think there is a chance I will like it I go. As was the case with Never Look Away. I arrived early at the Paris theatre across from the Plaza Hotel and selected seats in the balcony just behind and to the […]

And there was Randi Rainbow in Call Me Madam

City Center Encores brought back call me madam and we went. If you want to know what it ws about google it. I saw randi and carol Kane. I smiled. i laughed att he relevance. I enjoyed. But be careful where you sit at City Center. we were Mezz B27. One row too far back. […]

Sitting in the rafters for CARMEN at the Met Opera House

Ahhhh, I loved the experience. We sat in the front at the top hovering over the stage. I was entertained. I cannot say how I would have enjoyed had I been sitting in the rear watching from the front. But I can tell you that looking down from above, watching the scenery turn, peeking behind […]


An overwhelming documentary about the British fighting in WWI. The filmmaker voiced over original film from the Imperial War Museum archives What a great job. At times I felt I was there, or was heartbroken that these little boys where there. For old men’s insecurities and irrational fears. Ending with a few of the storytellers […]

Great Book – Fun and favorite Author

The Woman Who Stole My Life is that perfect easy twisted read that I totally enjoy. I might even call it a beach read. But Marian Keyes tells a tale and there is always more to it than sex on the beach. Here we had twists and turns as our heroine recovers from a devastating […]