An overwhelming documentary about the British fighting in WWI. The filmmaker voiced over original film from the Imperial War Museum archives

What a great job. At times I felt I was there, or was heartbroken that these little boys where there. For old men’s insecurities and irrational fears.

Ending with a few of the storytellers assuredly saying war isn’t worth it

A million dead in four years. That’s 700 a day every day four years. Imagine going through the streets of any town and each day delivering the news to 700 more families. Over and over, day by day,year by year. How great a swath that cuts through a land.

After the movie those who stayed wee treated to a 30 minute look at how the footage was restored, colored and voiced over. They had over 100 hours of film. He talked about how much of the film was taken up with the soldiers gawking or staring because they might not have understood what the camera was.

It was really about an Average British soldier serving on the western front. But with many tellers sharing their own experiences which were unique but overlapping.

Cut together a generic experience by breaking down almost 600 hours of veteran interviews. There was combat but much daily life.

The filmmaker also spliced in photos of combat comic magazines that were created during the war at the time

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