Sitting in the rafters for CARMEN at the Met Opera House

Ahhhh, I loved the experience. We sat in the front at the top hovering over the stage. I was entertained. I cannot say how I would have enjoyed had I been sitting in the rear watching from the front. But I can tell you that looking down from above, watching the scenery turn, peeking behind the scenes was marvelous.

With a new pair of opera glasses I could see the tongues of the singers. I was able to see the photographs on the tabletops on the stage and directly down into the orchestra pit.

We really were as high as you could go

we could have reached out and touched the lights as they were raised right passed us to the ceiling

I recommend Family circle seats A48 and A50. But be careful. A couple came in after us and they had been sold the desk or score reading seats.

you cannot see the stage from them.

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