Movie – Never Look Away

As is my habit I skim something about a movie and if I think there is a chance I will like it I go. As was the case with Never Look Away. I arrived early at the Paris theatre across from the Plaza Hotel and selected seats in the balcony just behind and to the side of the chatty ladies in front of me own line. The view was fabulous, the theatre empty so I went for a walk around.

It was then I saw that the movie was 3 hours and ten minutes long. Lucky for me I am willing to walk out so I sat in my seat knowing I could escape. But I never wanted to. Not to say I didn’t check the time, but I was totally engrossed in the movie.

I cant say I bought into the love of the young couple but i was totally fascinated by the glimpse into the art world. Here I watched as this young man who considered himself an artist tried and searched and experimented until he finally found his niche.

Again I was watching the horrors of WWII play out but thankfully in yet another new story. Another way of showing the impact of the horror on the innocent.

Spoiler: In the end it was creating paintings from photos and that is how the connections and the story lines were brought together

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