La Bergamote

I have a new policy that I want to make a reservation for dinner, no matter where, ahead of time so that on the day of I am not searching for a place to go at the last minute. So I booked us into La Bergamote before a night at the Joyce. It was nearby and had a nice looking dessert so how could it be very wrong. Then I set it aside and never thought about it again.

The big night arrives and we enter what looks like a pastry shop with a few small tables on the side facing 9th Ave. It was difficult to any attention. We seated ourselves after confirming they had table service but with no staff within viewing range and no other tables occupied it was a toss up on if we would or would not get dinner. Eventually a waitress arrives and we order a side of mushrooms, a side of haricot verde and a beef Bourguignon.

For dessert we had a taste test.

All delicious, dinner, sides, desserts. It is only one of a handful of places I would go back to. Really good and highly recommend.

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