Hurricane Diane at NYTW

NYTW has yet to disappoint. Hurricane Diane was brilliant. Set in the identical Kitchens of the three main characters I was at home and familiar with the scene. And blown away by the story.

Diane, a play on the god of nature arrives at the cul de sac to save the world from climate change. She arrives after a storm with a plan to redo the gardens of the ladies and bring them into his cult. Or is he a lesbian who seduces them.

We have all the cliche ladies: the loudmouth hovering Italian, The repressed Goy, The simpleminded and the successful black woman who is an editor at HGTV magazine.

If that doesn’t remind me what this play was about my memory is hopeless.

Starring Mia Barron, Michelle Beck, Becca Blackwell, Danielle Skraatad and Kate Wetherhead. They were fabulous!!

We had been to a works/process about the show weeks ago. eh taping is here.

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