Gallim dance at the Joyce

Awful, terrible, non sensical, pointless, unpleasant. I can’t exactly come up with a word to describe this hour. Un-understandable?

Often I don’t understand the dance our the point. This evening I could tell we were at creation. What with the single celled organisms writhing across the floor – patternless blobs of jerky movement. Or the soundtrack that is so familiar from documentaries and lectures about the burbling beginnings of life.

Why? why did someone think this was worthwhile? Important? Why is the choreographer a talent?

And again, shouldn’t dance be pretty? rhythmic? pleasurable? perhaps to the highfalutin intellectuals its ok to just be edgy or different no matter how unpleasant and purposeless it seems. who am I to judge worth? I can only judge what I like, and this wasn’t it.

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