With my time in New York coming to a close I grabbed my lists and decided to work my way through them.

Soup dumplings. If I can find the list online I will link it here but for now I have my printed copy. We have tried a few and Today’s choice boiled down to Noodle Village or/and The Bao.

Then I sat down at noodle village surrounded by older local looking couples eating some amazing looking things. To my left is dumpling lo mein. To my right a dumpling noodle soup

But I am here to try the soup dumplings.

And it looks like there is special equipment.



The place is clean, small but not crowded with less than twenty tables.

Without hesitation I can say the soup Dumplings are unquestionably delicious. The best? I can’t say. But certainly among the best. There is nothing not to like about them. Thin skinned, soft meat, perhaps light on actual soup inside but not enough to complain about.



I will definitely recommend and return

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