Tiny House and Xioa Long Bao

Heading out to Long Island only to once again find no pretzel. Though they had said they were only on Thursday we hoped for a green repeat of the st Patrick’s day of last year But. When we found ourselves with a couple of hours to kill and searched ” best small towns on Long […]

Chocolate Shops, Bakeries, a Walk, and The Cloisters

A few weeks ago we took a day to visit some spots around town. Knowing we are leaving for London imminently I felt some urgency to reach the last few places on my lists. So off we went. And once agin, I never did a blog post. So today I recreated from photos. I only […]

A Most Amazing Day

Corrado Bakery has good bread and a nice chocolate mousse I met the Curator from the Lucio Fontana show at the Met Bruer I learned all about Pierre Bonnard I watched a wonderful documentary on HBO The Price Of Everything I recorded as I stood in the met galleries I resisted temptation to buy a […]

Match 65 Croque Madame + Lucio Fontana

On 65th street just east of Madison I had a scrumptious Croque Madame today. The restaurant s small with a friendly neighborhood feel. I went with my new friend Ray after visiting the Met Bruer to see the Lucio Fontana exhibit. Now two days ago I had never heard of Fontana but in my quest […]

Always looking for a list of the best Soup Dumplings

Of these I think I want to try…. #1 the LASalle Dumpling Room up near Columbia, #10 Shanghai Heping on Mott Street , #12 Deluxe Green Bo on Bayard Street. There are plenty in flushing to try but I’m not headed out to Flushing anytime soon. We have been to #5 Kung Fu Xio Long […]

Museum of Contemporary Art- Chicago

Small and bright this was my first trip into the MCA tucked behind Water Tower Place. We saw a few exhibits and wandered the building. The highlight was a small Jeff Koons Alexander Calder Exhibit that barely filled a room. I actually really enjoyed the ENRICO DAVID: GRADATIONS OF SLOW RELEASE. He seems to be […]

Giselle – Akram Khan at the Harris in Chicago

Tonight we are in Chicago. it is really cold outside but we didn’t let that stop us from having a fabulous day. We tried XIAO LONG BAO at Imperial Lamian. The shanghai regular were the ones recommended and they were right. In addition we tries the szechuan ( seen in red) and the duck ( […]