Chocolate Shops, Bakeries, a Walk, and The Cloisters

A few weeks ago we took a day to visit some spots around town. Knowing we are leaving for London imminently I felt some urgency to reach the last few places on my lists. So off we went. And once agin, I never did a blog post. So today I recreated from photos.

I only noticed because the last and clearly best bakery had such a line that day that we just couldn’t wait and as I leave Miami and head back for my last few weeks in New York I began making a list. Besides walking across The Brooklyn Bridge and doing Shakespeare In The Park what really do I have left to do?

Yes yes, i know you can always find something new to do in this vast city, but what are the things I really want to do. And to return to Dominique Ansel Bakery at 189 Spring Street is a must.

Now, where were we that day…

This was our plan…We got first I think to Mah-Ze Dahr and there were a few great choices, I could definitely go back here.

We had one of the chocolate cookies covered in sugar that you can see in the back… I would have gotten more, as I always will, but my partner in crime for the day constrained me.

Lunch was a hunt for another, a superior dumpling spot. Another from one of my many lists. The Bao. Supposedly magnificent soup dumplings. But in the most disappointing fashion they only serve soup dumplings at dinner. It wasn’t until after we sat down at The Bao on St Marks Place that we discovered this. The waitess offered us a smaller dumpling that she said was comparable. We were not thrilled. It was all good, but we are looking for better than good

When we got close to Cafe D’Avignon and I realized it was in Essex Street Market and we were running late I decided to skip it and head instead to Dominique Ansel. We knew the day would be a lot of walking and we had the car with us, so, time was running out on our parking. We walked into Ceci Cela and promptly walked outfit just wasn’t a good use of my time.

Dominique Ansel was like a dream. They are, it turns out, the home of the Cronut, but there were cups of chocolate and puffy pastry and all manner of yummy looking things. And time was up , and I was fourth in line, and we had to go…. oh no!!

As i look back back at my photos of the day I see we actually began at The Cloisters. What a wonder to wander. I had no idea. I was so thrilled with the view, the architecture and the loot inside.

see below, the puppy carved at his foot

And there is a room full of Unicorns, all tapestries, each amazing. Hidden in the background I found a butterfly.

And a frog …

And in the corner of the room… a unicorn horn.

At the end of our tour we found a room of smaller treasures..

A really tiny book

The box in her hands is the size of a thumbnail, and if you look closely you can see it is filled with treasures.

Some other interesting things along the way..

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